Hello and Welcome everyone (皆さん、こんにちは)


Hello all and welcome! My name is Random, yes actually…long story, hippie parents, pretty sure some drugs were involved, but I digress. I’m writing this blog ,not only because I may possibly be required to do this to earn credit in a college class I am taking, but because I want to educate and hopefully entertain readers about the Japanese language , give a few culture lessons and most importantly dispel misinformation and misconceptions many people have about the language in general. There is very much about Japanese that even those who are very interested in Japanese culture, watch Anime, read manga or play video games from Japan may not know despite their interest in the culture. For even many English speaking people whom have already taken a Western foreign language before and may be fluent in it, may be completely stunned by how different Japanese functions from English, or even any Western Foreign Language.

I have always had a fascination and curiosity about Japanese culture throughout most of my life and have always wanted to visit there. After 3 years in Kendo, which is a martial art very similar to sport Fencing, I had my first actual direct exposure to the culture. Unlike many modern martial arts like Karate or Judo, or those karate rip-off schools claiming to teach you secret skills to make you a ninja or some nonsense like that, Kendo is very traditionally a Japanese martial art and the majority of my Sensei or instructors were Japanese and a large amount of my fellow students were Japanese. From that experience I met many amazing family friends and acquaintances I still retain to this day and I got a first hand exposure to the norms of Japanese culture by native Japanese people. After that, I had two years of Japanese classes at University and have continued self-study for the moment on my own. I do not claim to be an expert or fluent in the language yet by any means, I’m guessing between N5 and N4 in Japanese proficiency at this point, but I have first hand experience with the language and regularly use it. I know Hiragana, Katakana, around 300 to 400 kanji and enough vocabulary and grammar to have normal conversations in Japanese.

I look forward to educating and delving into the complexities, and just plain weird stuff of the Japanese language in future.

Random Allen


(Image credited to Pixabay.com)




One thought on “Hello and Welcome everyone (皆さん、こんにちは)”

  1. First of all, the name Random contains do much philosophical fodder that I almost want to digress into Asian religions. But I’ll stick to languages for now.

    I look forward to reading about Japanese. For now, I’m focused on the Romance languages and German.


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